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Cloud_nian, yggdyy_, Glucy2About 2 min

Rules of the skimit Minecraft Server

General Rules for In-Game Chat

  1. In order to regulate the behavior of group members, these rules are established in accordance with the Internet Group Information Service Management Regulationsopen in new window.
  2. Users providing or using internet group information services within the territory of the People's Republic of China are required to comply with these rules.
  3. Internet group information service providers and users should adhere to the correct guidance, promote the core socialist values, eliminate unhealthy online practices, and maintain a healthy online environment.

*The term "unhealthy online practices" refers to various behaviors exhibited by internet users during their online activities, including but not limited to: insulting others, challenging members, spreading rumors and false information, sending explicit violent or pornographic content, causing trouble without reason, discriminating against others, and inducing others to violate these rules.

Specific Rules Regarding Server Resources

  1. New players joining the server can request some beginner's equipment from the administrators. They are allowed to use resources from the communal storage to get through the early stages of survival. Please return the items to the communal storage once no longer needed.
  2. Any form of cheating is strictly prohibited. Offenders will receive a minimum punishment of three days, with increasing penalties for repeated violations.
  3. Due to limited server computational and material resources, individuals are not allowed to excessively consume resources. Before starting large-scale projects, constructing major structures, or using high-performance machines, please inform the administrators (yggdyy_, ChengXi123, NanYang_Lin, Cloud_nian, or server owner Glucy2) for approval. If approved, the server will prioritize and provide assistance. Material and personnel resources within the server will be allocated accordingly.

*Large-scale projects referred to in these rules include but are not limited to: swallowing and exploding vacant areas (areas exceeding 10x10 chunks require approval), construction of redstone components (including slime blocks but excluding redstone dust) exceeding 5k blocks or a total of 50,000 blocks, and actions that significantly impact the server's mspt.

  1. During the construction of approved projects, it is prohibited for a single player to occupy server computational resources for personal survival. Players must cooperate and work together to complete high-priority devices or buildings.
  2. The server promotes resource sharing and prioritizes the provision of high rarity resources to everyone. Machine outputs within the server are shared among all players and are available for everyone to use.
  3. Intentional damage to server archives, server machinery, destruction of residential areas, or the hoarding or destruction of a large amount of rare resources from the communal storage (personal acquisition excluded) will result in the responsible party being held liable for corresponding economic losses in accordance with the law.
  4. When creating new Nether portals, pay attention to their placement and coordinates to avoid overlapping with existing portals.
  5. Completed machines should be clearly labeled with signs indicating the builder, designer, person responsible, usage instructions, and other relevant information. If others are unable to operate or debug the machine, please indicate the person responsible for debugging to facilitate communication within the group.
  6. These rules will take effect on January 25, 2023.